Why should you choose us?

Our company has been on the market for providing engineering services for more than 7 years. Qualified engineers in 20 different areas work with us. We accompany our projects from signing a contract to the construction of a building or installed engineering system. An integrated approach to any task, even the simplest one. Three-stage design verification, technical supervision and designer's control.

Our areas of focus

Full cycle of services in the design market.

Construction design

Design of industrial facilities, life support systems for large enterprises, housing facilities, utilities, private buildings and cottages.

Executive documentation

A set of documents ensures the implementation of the technical solutions adopted in the project documentation.

Design estimate documentation

Drawing up estimates exactly with the project being implemented, revealing the rationale for its feasibility.

Engineering surveys

Detailed study of the area of proposed design and construction. Geology, hydrology, ecology, hydrometeorology, geodesy.

of the staff

Performing complex engineering tasks with the help of our specialists.

Technical Supervision

Quality control of work performed at the construction site, quality control of the implementation of design documentation, quality control of input, working, executive documentation. Quality control of incoming material.

Development stages

Production of the design specification






A wide range of services for your project

Construction design documents

Construction design documents are a set of basic sets of working drawings by type of construction and installation work, supplemented by attached and reference documents and necessary for the construction of the facility. Construction design documents (handed over to the customer) include working...
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New construction

The design of private houses and cottages is a difficult, time-consuming stage. Design documentation allows us to take into account the wishes of the customer in terms of style, number of storeys, planning.

Any project can consist of an architectural section, constructive and engineering. ...

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Культурное наследие

Разработка проектной документации для объектов культурного наследия

Объектами культурного наследия (сокращенно – ОКН) называют памятники культуры и истории. Это здания и сооружения, а также связанные с ними предметы материальной культуры (скульптура, живопись, техника, предметы декоративно-прикладного...

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