Outsourcing of the staff

Outsourcing of the staff

Depending on the needs of the customer, the Projects Corporation Company practices various types of provision of employees to employers for temporary use. Generally, business operations related to the rental or leasing of employees are called outsourcing, this service has become widespread due to the abundance of organizations and enterprises that do not want to constantly keep extra workers on the staff.
The corporation is ready to help in any such situation.

At the request of the employer, we select, train, certify the staff of performers (a group of 15-20 people), and then transfer it to the customer under a lease agreement or a work contract for up to 9 months (in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation), but not less than six months.

In fact, the employer is only required to define the tasks and accept the results of the work, monitoring and quality control in the implementation process is entrusted to a personal manager assigned to the project.

Stages of providing outsourcing and personnel leasing services
Leave an application for calculating the cost and signing the contract.
Call us on the contact phone, fill out and send an application through the website.
On the basis of your request, the managers prepare a commercial offer.
Conclusion of an agreement. Before signing a contract for the provision of services, we will clarify all the nuances of interest. If necessary, representatives of the company for the provision of personnel travel to the customer's production facility to get acquainted with the intricacies and requirements of the business on the spot.

Work on the project. A personal manager is assigned to the customer's object, who is fully responsible for the implementation of the project. The employee is engaged in the search for the necessary personnel, training and certification, and also controls the performance of duties by outsourcers and labor discipline in the process of working at the facility.
Payments every month

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