New construction

New construction

The design of private houses and cottages is a difficult, time-consuming stage. Design documentation allows us to take into account the wishes of the customer in terms of style, number of storeys, planning.

Any project can consist of an architectural section, constructive and engineering. The basic structure of the project of an individual cottage has everything you need for construction in any city.

The architectural design of country houses and cottages includes several stages:

·        Discussion of the details of the future object - the client's wishes are revealed. The specialist draws up a technical assignment for the design of a house or cottage

·        Concept development - the client receives options for draft solutions with different layouts, facades.

·        Preparation of project documentation - a project with planning elaboration. The specialist prepares a complete set of documentation: drawings with sections, determines the layout of the floors, foundations, roofs. This stage is necessary in order to coordinate the construction of the building with the regulatory authorities.

·                   Development of a working project - documentation, including architectural planning and structural sections. At this stage, specialists work out brickwork plans, node connections, a roof plan, a facade, ventilation ducts, foundation parts, floor plans.

·                   Drawing up a construction estimate, which includes all possible unplanned costs

Architectural supervision - our specialists make sure that the construction is carried out strictly according to the approved project.

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