Technical Supervision

Technical Supervision

Technical supervision is a complex of verification measures in construction, which reveals violations and gives instructions for their elimination.

The implementation of technical supervision over the construction of the facility involves the achievement of the following goals:

Compliance with the documented terms of acceptance and delivery of the object.
Control over the implementation of all production activities by workers on time.
Audit of the financial part of the project. Checking design estimates and excluding the possibility of unjustified overpricing. Control over the compliance of the volume of financial costs for construction with the established budget.

Checking the quality of the construction services provided and the materials used. Monitoring compliance with safety rules, the procedure for performing electrical work and compliance of the facility with the necessary requirements of the joint venture.

Acceptance and delivery of hidden works. According to construction technologies, some types of work at a certain stage of the construction of a building are hidden under building structures and building materials. Subsequently, it will not be possible to check their quality without dismantling and disassembling the structure. This makes it necessary to conduct a survey and draw up an acceptance certificate for hidden works on time, before the implementation of subsequent construction activities.
Verification of the compliance of construction and technical work with the accepted design and estimate documentation.

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